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15 November 2017Charles Rennie Mackintosh
13 December 2017Charles Dickens Conjurer: the playbills of Victorian showmen
17 January 2018 Votes for Women Art, Suffragettes and female politicians.
21 February 2018Vienna Secession 1918 - 2018
21 March 2018Backstage at the Opera

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Charles Rennie Mackintosh Anthea Streeter Wednesday 15 November 2017

ANTHEA STREETER studied the Fine and Decorative Arts in London and continued her studies at Harvard University. It was while at Harvard, where she became interested in 20th century architecture. Since returning from America she has taught on many courses in Oxford and London.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh 

Nowadays many people are familiar with Mackintosh's striking and innovative designs. Yet in his day only a handful of British clients recognised the outstanding talent of this Scottish architect and designer. On the Continent, however, and particularly in Austria and Germany, progressive designers marvelled at his work and considered him a hero.This lecture traces Mackintosh's career, looking at his major architectural commissions and interiors, such as those for the Glasgow School of Art and The Hill House at Helensburgh.We will also look at Mackintoshs less well-known but exquisite watercolour paintings, painted throughout his career but especially when he and his wife Margaret were resident in France towards the end of Mackintoshs life.Finally we will consider the consequences of the tragic fire at the Glasgow School of Art in 2014 and how the restoration of its world-renowned library is being addressed.