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13 December 2017Charles Dickens Conjurer: the playbills of Victorian showmen
17 January 2018 Votes for Women Art, Suffragettes and female politicians.
21 February 2018Vienna Secession 1918 - 2018
21 March 2018Backstage at the Opera

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Charles Dickens Conjurer: the playbills of Victorian showmen Ian Keable Wednesday 13 December 2017

IAN KEABLE gained a First Class degree from Oxford University in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, qualified as a Chartered Accountant and then became a  professional magician. A Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star and has received The Magic Circle Comedy Award. Has written and presented a Radio 4 documentary on mind readers, and currently performing a show about Charles Dickens, who was an amateur conjurer, called The Secret World of Charles Dickens. Ian has lectured at conferences from London to Los Angeles. In 2014 he published Charles Dickens Magician:Conjuring in Life, Letters & Literature.

Charles Dickens, Conjurer: the playbills of Victorian showmen

Synopsis: Amongst his other skills Charles Dickens was an accomplished conjurer, calling himself The Unparalleled Necromancer.We know this from a playbill that Dickens wrote for a show he did on the Isle of Wight. In this talk Dickens's own playbill is brought to life by reference to their historical development through various amusing animal acts, contemporary conjurors that directly influenced him and some demonstrations of legerdemain which the great man himself actually performed.